Started Working at the Theater at School

I am not so sure that I am really interested in this as a career, but I have been helping out at school with the theater program. Of course there are all sorts of things to learn in this area, you can take drama courses and you can get a make up diploma I guess. I had a pretty simple objective at first. I figured out that nearly all of the hot girls in school wanted to be in the drama program. It is not like I am pure of heart in this thing, I want to meet girls and possibly go out with them. If you are lucky you might get further than that. Continue reading Started Working at the Theater at School

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Getting Energy for a Lower Rate

I was curious about Reliant Energy rates because of my neighbor. We usually talk a few mornings every week when we see each other outside, and last week he was telling me about his energy company. This might seem odd to some, but he can make anything sound fascinating, including an energy company! What he told me was really interesting though, because I had no idea that they were one of the first energy company’s in Houston’s history. He told me some of the stories that his grandfather had told him of the times before there was power readily available, and it just piqued my interest. Continue reading Getting Energy for a Lower Rate

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Avoiding Disasters with Backup Hosting

In today’s society it seems that data is becoming more and more valuable with each passing year and each new technology. Whether the data contains something more tangible like research data or something harder to value like photographic records or personal videos, it is often impossible to replace this data which makes it truly invaluable. An entire company may rely on the data to continue functioning and a family’s only memories of a loved one may exist on a hard drive somewhere, so using backup hosting to make sure that it is never lost should be a no brainer.

Unfortunately many people overlook this fact, as we often take technology for granted. While data may not deteriorate quickly over time like led from a pencil or old Polaroid pictures, sometimes all it takes is one accident to destroy countless terabytes of data in an instant. This can happen during more obvious disasters like floods and fires or in more subtle situations such as hardware and software malfunctions, but the bottom line is that we cannot always anticipate what will happen in the future. Continue reading Avoiding Disasters with Backup Hosting

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Keeping Ourselves Safe in Colorado

Considering that much of my business is done from home, I have to take a lot of extra steps to ensure that it is a safe place for myself and my clients. I have been working from home for several years now, and now that the legalization of Marijuana is finally passed here in Colorado, I have been forced to keep a large amount of cash in my home safe. Unfortunately for many of my fellow growers, they have suffered break ins. That’s why I chose adt home security to give me the sense of security and safety that I felt was lacking. A friend of mine who has been growing for a few months came into their shop just the other day to find that the entire place had been ransacked. Continue reading Keeping Ourselves Safe in Colorado

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Started My New Strength Workout

I have started to work out a lot more seriously this summer and I going to think seriously about getting in to some half triathlons if I can find the time. At the moment I have been checking out these Shakeology reviews – inside look and trying to see if that is a good idea or not. Of course the idea is that you replace your meals with a high energy shake and if you could stomach it, then it is supposed to help fuel your work out. The idea is not that easy to build up your strength if you have the right fuel to burn in the process. If you consume all of the right stuff that is going to help you build up muscle and that is where I am going to try to move forward. Mostly I have been focused on the cardio up until now, but I have started to work on some serious strength training. Continue reading Started My New Strength Workout

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Is on Power Company Better Than Another

I got transferred to the Fort Worth Office and I have been staying at one of those extended stay hotels while I look for a permanent residence. I did not know what to think when I figured out that I needed to pick a power company. I can go to this web page,, and they will tell you which power companies you get to pick from if you input your location. Of course I have no clue what any of that means. I have lived in several places in North Carolina. There you get Duke Power. It is the same in Chapel Hill or in High Point. There are some areas where you can get Carolina Power and Light, but they have a monopoly in those areas the same as Duke Power has a monopoly in most other parts of the state. Continue reading Is on Power Company Better Than Another

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Only a Few Hours of Power

I lost my cable for laptop charging at the airport. While packing for a trip, I packed my laptop and the charger in separate bags by accident. The bag with the charger went missing after I landed and I only had a few hours of battery power left. As soon as I got home, I searched for a new charger and bought the cheapest one I could find. The charger that manufacturer sells is pretty pricey. I got a better deal with a charger that can work on multiple ports, which could come in handy in the future.

Over the next couple of days, I only used my laptop for short periods of time to check my email and do some light browsing so I wouldn’t run out of battery power. Resisting the urge to play a few games online was hard, but it was necessary. Once my charger came, I turned my laptop back on and let it run the rest of the day. There were so many videos that I hadn’t watched because I was conserving battery power. Continue reading Only a Few Hours of Power

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A Treadmill to Get Us Back in Shape

My husband and I were in great shape when we first started dating. We got married about a year later, and life was good. Then, work got busier, we had three kids within four years, and we both started to gain weight. It was not enough to be concerned about as far as how we looked, but I was concerned about the health implications of being even 10 or 15 pounds overweight. I was looking over some healthy activity ideas when I came across a link that stated to come here for the best deals and information on treadmills.

I hadn’t even considered a treadmill up that point, but I really liked the idea of having one. The main problem with the ideas I had been looking at was time is definitely a factor with all of them, and that is something we just don’t have a lot of. I knew that we could commit to working out on a treadmill though. Continue reading A Treadmill to Get Us Back in Shape

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Started Working As a Tutor

I really needed to make some extra money and so I started to look for a job a couple of weeks ago. I eventually got a little work as a home tutor for a pair of high school students. This lady posted a notice on the bulletin board at school and I was the only person who answered it. Of course the pay is not awesome, but it is not any worse than my other options. I was looking for a job in the school library really. That is a pretty good job if you can get it, but all of the jobs go to people who are studying to be librarians. I was not even considered because I had not taken any of the classes. Of course the school has a lot of jobs in the cafeteria, but that was not anything I was very interested in. I wanted to try to get a job on campus, because that would obviously require less of my time. Continue reading Started Working As a Tutor

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Organic Agriculture Clearly Part of The Conservation

Organic agriculture is one part in environmental conservation. Water and agriculture are the two things that are related to one another. As we know, almost all forms of life require water, as well as plants.

For optimal growth and development of agricultural crops require adequate quality water. On the other hand the wrong agricultural system has the potential to be one of the causes of water pollution.

Organic agriculture systems are trying to get maximum results with treating the plant as natural as possible. In terms of quantity, perhaps this system will not produce as much as non- organic systems. However, it is clear the quality of organic agriculture systems produce a far superior product than non-organic agriculture systems.
organic fruits
There are several things that a reference system of organic agriculture. These things apply to agriculture in the broadest sense, including how humans maintain soil, water, plants, and animals to produce, prepare and distribute food and other products. These things concerning how humans relate to the environment, relate to one another and define a legacy for future generations.

A. Health

Organic Agriculture supposed to be sustain and enhance the health of soil, plants, animals, humans and the earth as a whole and indivisible.

This suggests that the health of individuals and communities can not be separated from the health of ecosystems. A healthy soil will produce healthy plants that can support the health of animals and humans.

Health is an integral part of the life of the system. It is not simply free of disease, but also to maintain the physical, mental, social and ecological. Endurance, happiness and self-renewal is essential for a healthy heading.

The role of organic agriculture both in the production, product processing, product distribution and consumption aims to preserve and improve the health of ecosystems and organisms, of which the smallest is in the soil to human nature. In particular, organic agriculture is intended to produce high-quality and nutritious foods that support the maintenance of health and well-being.

Given this, it should avoid the use of fertilizers, pesticides, medicines for animals and food additives that can affect the health harm.

B. Ecology

Organic Agriculture should be based on ecological systems and cycles of life. Work, emulate and strive to protect ecological systems and cycles of life.
organic farm
Organic agriculture systems running in harmony with the ecological system of life . It states that production is based on ecological processes and recycling.

Food and ecological well-being obtained through a specific production environment ; for example , plants need fertile soil , the ecosystem requires farm animals , fish and marine organisms need water environment . Agriculture, animal husbandry and harvesting organic wild products must be in accordance with the cycles and ecological balance in nature .

These cycles are universal but in specific local operation. Organic management must be adapted to the conditions, ecology, culture and local scale. The ingredients intake should be reduced by reuse, recycling and the management of materials and energy efficiently in order to maintain, improve quality and protect natural resources.

Organic agriculture can achieve ecological balance through a pattern of farming systems, habitat development, maintenance of genetic diversity and agriculture. Those who produce, process, or consume organic products should protect and benefit the common environment, including soil, biodiversity, climate, habitats, water and air.

C. Justice

Organic Agriculture should build relationships that ensure fairness related to the environment and life opportunities together.
symbiotic mutualism
Justice characterized by equality, mutual respect, justice and collective management of the world, both among people and in relation to other living beings. This thing means that those involved in organic agriculture should build human relationships to ensure fairness to all parties at all levels.

Organic agriculture should provide a good quality of life for everyone involved, contribute to food sovereignty and reduction of poverty. Organic farming aims to produce the adequacy and availability of food or other products with good quality.

This principle insists that animals should be kept in suitable habitat conditions and the physical properties, natural and well-being.

Natural resources and the environment are used for production and consumption should be managed in a fair way that is socially and ecologically, and preserved for the next generations. It is requires open and fair systems of production, distribution and trade, also consider the social and environmental costs are real.

D. Protection

Organic Agriculture should be managed carefully and responsibly to protect the health and welfare of current and future generations and the environment.

Organic agriculture is a living and dynamic system that answers the demands and conditions that are internal and external. The actors are encouraged organic farming improve efficiency and productivity, but should not endanger the health and well-being.

Therefore, new technologies and methods that already exist need to be assessed and reviewed. Thus, there must be redress for understanding agricultural ecosystems and intact.

This states that precaution and responsibility are the key concerns in management and development of technology that choices in organic agriculture. Scientific knowledge necessary to ensure that organic agriculture is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. However, scientific knowledge alone is not enough.

Over time, practical experience combined with traditional knowledge into policy and appropriate solution. Organic agriculture should prevent significant risks by applying appropriate technologies and rejecting unpredictable technological consequences, such as genetic engineering. All decisions must consider the values ​​and needs of all who might be affected, through transparent and anticipatory processes.

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Macrozoobenthos as an Indicator of Environmental Pollution

food chain indicationsTerritorial waters is a medium that is susceptible to contamination. Various types of pollutants from sources both residential, industrial, natural phenomena, and others are entering the water body. After accumulating the direct or indirect pollutants will affect the water quality.

For those who like diving definitely want to get a beautiful dive spot. The beauty of the underwater environment will not be found in the polluted water territorial. It’s good to learn about bio-indicators of pollution that can be used as reference waters. One way to learn about the macrozoobenthos.

Zoobenthos are animals that some or all of their life cycle in the bottom waters, either sessile, crawling and digging holes. Macrozoobenthos organisms included are : Crustacea, isopoda, decapoda, oligochaeta, molluscs, nematodes and annelids. Benthos classification according to size :
1. Macrobenthos are benthos that have a size greater than 1 mm (0:04 inches), for example worms, pelecypod, sponges, anthozoa, ascidians, echinoderms, and crustaceans.
2. Mediobenthos are benthos that have a size between 0.1 – 1 mm, sort of polychaete, palaecypoda, copepods, ostracoda, cumaceans, nematodes, turbellarian, and foraminifera.
3. Microbenthos are benthos have a size smaller than 0.1 mm, for example, bacterial, diatoms, ciliate, amoebae, and flagellates.

Benthic animals are relatively sedentary life, so it’s good to use as a guide the quality of the environment, because it is always in contact with the waste that goes into their habitat. The animal groups can better reflect the change in the environmental factors from time to time due to continuous benthic animals are in the water quality changes.
The existence of benthic animals in a body of water, is strongly influenced by various environmental factors, both biotic and abiotic. Biotic factors that influence them is a manufacturer, which is one source of food for benthic animals and species interactions and patterns of life cycle of each species in the community. The abiotic factors are the physical – chemical water include : temperature, flow, dissolved oxygen (DO), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical (COD) and nitrogen (N), water depth, and the base substrate.

Macrozoobenthos can be tolerant and sensitive to environmental changes. Organisms that have a wide tolerance range will have a widespread distribution as well. Conversely a narrow tolerance range of organisms (sensitive) then spread too narrow. Macrozoobenthos who have a higher tolerance then the survival rate will be higher. The level of pollution of the waters can be seen with the identification of macrozoobenthos were found in the region.

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Scuba Diving, Among Danger and Pleasure

scuba divingScuba diving is one of the soothing water sports, its result from the development of freestyle diving. This activity is also intended as a recreational activity that is very enjoyable. There’s little difference between snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling use breathing apparatus that is simpler, which is called a snorkel. Therefore snorkel only done on the water surface or in shallow waters only.

Scuba diving use a more complex of diving equipment, such as oxygen tanks, regulators, depth indicator, fins, specific wetsuit, gloves, and others. With the help of these instruments divers can last very long in the water. For some people, scuba diving into a profession that fun, and making enough money.

Scuba Diving Not as Difficult as Imagined.

To dive is not as difficult as imagined, only two basic skills required for it. The first of course swimming skills, certainly wouldn’t be funny to be immersed with oxygen tank in the back, or can dive but could not rise to the surface. The second necessary skills to breathe, remember to breathe well through the mouth because the regulator is in the mouth rather than the nose haha .. Try to breathe regularly and remain calm, it can help conserve supplies of oxygen.

underwater world
Scuba Diving Offer Enjoyment.

For a diver, there is no place other than the full relaxation of the underwater environment. Calmness and coolness to soothe the mind and relax the muscles. Only if you dive in a location with a minimum strength of underwater currents. If diving in locations with strong enough underwater currents, then it takes extra effort to maintain the position, wouldn’t be able to relax that ways..

Scuba diving can be found with stunning views of the underwater life. With good water clarity will provide maximum visibility. There is nothing more amazing apart from seeing with your own eyes, underwater biodiversity is amazing. An assortment of coral reef surrounded by various forms of living creatures under the sea. You can try to the Raja Ampat archipelago spot in Indonesia, reportedly 80% of the total species of coral are there, the water clarity is also nice.
diving gear
Scuba Diving Also Saving Potential Dangers.

Scuba diving is an activity that is fun, that everyone knows. Another thing to note is that this carries the risk of malicious activity that could cause serious harm, even cause death.

The beauty of panoramic underwater often complacent the divers, forget them about how long they been in the water, or forgetting about how deep they go. When divers dive too long and too deep would be at risk of nitrogen poisoning.

Or it could be because of a rush to make a diver rises to the surface too quickly, resulting in decompression. Mildest effect will cause disorientation to divers, the worst effects can cause death due to rupture of blood vessels or damage of other organs.

Scuba diving gives more satisfaction, but also have a risk that is not light. One thing to remember, is usually a good diving spot far away from the hospital, so divers should be more careful and be vigilant.

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Farming to Survive

farmingFarming is important

Currently you’re probably enjoying the food served in front of you, while in another hemisphere, someone is hungry grimaced. Ha, something that is not comfortable to read or hear isn’t it, especially at meal times. Well, talk about the food of course closely related to agriculture.

Every human life would require food. Back briefly to prehistoric times, people at that time to meet the needs of food by hunting or gathering fruit. Unfortunately, over time the amount of food provided by nature do not always meet the need. Then the human began to think to produce food, they begin to know how to raise livestock and farming.

Changes in farming systems

Humans continue to innovate to find the best ways to produce food. Many traditional farming systems using natural materials, and is also very dependent on the geographical location and season. It is a little more limiting agricultural products that can be produced.

In the early 20th century chemical fertilizers were introduced to the general public, the use of chemical fertilizers can shorten the time needed in the farming process, and cheaper. It can also significantly increase agricultural output. Comparing with traditional farming systems that process takes longer, more complicated and more expensive.
People prefer to use chemical fertilizers because it is cheaper and more produce. Besides by using chemical fertilizers they no longer need to deal with smelly and dirty traditional fertilizers. A mindset that should be straightened out by now.

Environmental pollution

‘s Been quite human aware of the problems that caused by the use of chemical fertilizers, but it is as if ignored for the sake of a handful of people. Chemical fertilizers work by manipulating the soil by adding nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The use of chemical fertilizers will continually contaminate the soil, making it lose fertility, so that the crops will depend entirely on chemical fertilizer.

Most of the residues of chemical fertilizers will be borne by farming irrigation systems, and pollute the environment along the water flow to the sea. In high levels, this pollution will damage the quality of the water and bring death to life in water. A real threat to the fisheries sector and the threat to the survival of living beings in general.

Use the ways of good farming
sustainable farming
Sustainable farming system is one viable method to be applied. This method guarantees a sustainable soil fertility, this is not something new because it has been practiced for thousands of years. This method focuses on organic farming methods, with seriousness and relentless innovation it will get farming products that do not disappoint.

Sustainable farming systems or organic farming is not only environmentally friendly, but also will improve the quality of human life in order to live more healthy. In addition to processing the soil is good and right, good crops can be obtained by breeding plant seeds.

It takes time to seeds breeding research, but it is worth doing for the sake of better farming system. That means that for the sake of a better life as well.

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Fisheries in Frames

fisheriesFisheries covers a wide range of activities. For some people, nothing is more fun activities than walking down to the lake or river, put bait on the hook, threw it far into the water, then wait for a sensational strike of water predators (crocodiles certainly not something to be expected here).

Fishing activity looks like a reasonable and simple to do, however the actual fishing is one of the world’s fisheries activities, which if examined in more detail, then this is quite a complex activity that has implications for biology, economics, and even politics.

Fisheries in general are all sorts of human activities related to the utilization and management of marine living resources. This could refer to man-made facility for fish farming or can also refer to a geographical location. Fisheries can legally be defined as the legal right to manage and utilize natural resources in the waters of a particular area with a defined time period.
Today the fishery has become a huge industry and plays an important role in the world economy. Many major countries are building a large fishing industry, such as the United States, South Korea, China, Russia, and of course Japanese the land of sushi. These countries are not only sufficient stock in their country, but also supplies stock to other countries in need.

Growth and development of the fishing industry is very closely related to the health of aquatic ecosystems, and of course the quality of the water. The development of the fishing industry so rapidly, should be coupled with the implementation of measures friendly to nature, if not please say goodbye to fisheries and possibly to life.

In some regions or countries, the people make fishing as a major source of food and a major source of their income. This field is very promising, the industry generates billions of dollars each year. This led to large-scale fishing, as a consequence will reduce the amount of fish populations. Some reached very alarming levels, for example, the population of whales and sharks are currently on the verge of extinction.
Rightly made ​​of offshore fishing regulations are strict and firm, as part of a conservation program. For the fish farming industry will certainly not lead to a decrease in the number of fish population problem, does not mean that this sector does not need regulation, just needed different regulations adjusted to the circumstances and needs.

So, the fisheries sector is one important aspect of human life. This sector has the potential to cause damage to aquatic ecosystems when not coupled with environmental conservation measures. It is appropriate that countries with a giant fishing industry became a pioneer in water conservation.

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Aquatic Ecosystems

aquatic ecosystemsTalking about aquatic ecosystems, it means that the overall water ecosystems, whether on land, such as rivers, lakes, marshes, and of course the ocean. Trying to understand how they are interrelated to each other, understand each role.

It is important to understand about how the ecosystem work, in order to develop knowledge about how good ecosystem management, gave an overview to make policy, to then be able to take the most appropriate action to protect the aquatic ecosystems.

The water supply is closely related to the life aquatic ecosystems and ecosystem sustainability in a broader sense. Nature has a system and a unique and powerful mechanism to perform its function as a giant water filter and as a means of re-charger reserves of freshwater resources that are necessary for life.

Water stored in the soil in addition to functioning as a backup source of fresh water, also has an important role in maintaining the shape and construction of the land, and to prevent, reduce, or slow the occurrence of abrasion. Excessive exploitation of ground water will trigger the seep of sea water, far into the inland region, and accelerate the decline in soil surface.

Aquatic ecosystems are composed of various components that are inside, such as rocks, plants, animals, micro-organisms, etc.. The existence of living creatures in aquatic ecosystems can be used as a measure of the damage. This is something that really makes sense, when an ecosystem contaminated by pollutants then it will reduce the quality of life of living things in it.
aquatic ecosystems
From a few decades ago, the number and diversity of pollutants has increased significantly. These pollutants not only micro-organisms such as parasites, but also heavy metals and synthetic chemicals.

The most dangerous pollutants usually come from plant waste are thrown away without a proper sewage treatment system. Next came the threat of pollutants from transportation and waste from households. In large quantities, the resulting pollutant transport system and household no less dangerous than sewage plant. It is certain that ecosystem damage will occur very alarming.

Ecosystems like a chain of life that are strongly interlinked to form an unbroken perfect circle. And aquatic ecosystems is one part of the chain.

Damage to aquatic ecosystems can be described as the breaking chain of life, and it means a threat to the survival of all living creatures that exist in this world.

It will be recalled that the water is a very important element for the survival of life. When we preserve the aquatic ecosystems, then that means that maintained the continuity of life.

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