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Organic Agriculture Clearly Part of The Conservation

Organic agriculture is one part in environmental conservation. Water and agriculture are the two things that are related to one another. As we know, almost all forms of life require water, as well as plants.

For optimal growth and development of agricultural crops require adequate quality water. On the other hand the wrong agricultural system has the potential to be one of the causes of water pollution.

Organic agriculture systems are trying to get maximum results with treating the plant as natural as possible. In terms of quantity, perhaps this system will not produce as much as non- organic systems. However, it is clear the quality of organic agriculture systems produce a far superior product than non-organic agriculture systems.
organic fruits
There are several things that a reference system of organic agriculture. These things apply to agriculture in the broadest sense, including how humans maintain soil, water, plants, and animals to produce, prepare and distribute food and other products. These things concerning how humans relate to the environment, relate to one another and define a legacy for future generations.

A. Health

Organic Agriculture supposed to be sustain and enhance the health of soil, plants, animals, humans and the earth as a whole and indivisible.

This suggests that the health of individuals and communities can not be separated from the health of ecosystems. A healthy soil will produce healthy plants that can support the health of animals and humans.

Health is an integral part of the life of the system. It is not simply free of disease, but also to maintain the physical, mental, social and ecological. Endurance, happiness and self-renewal is essential for a healthy heading.

The role of organic agriculture both in the production, product processing, product distribution and consumption aims to preserve and improve the health of ecosystems and organisms, of which the smallest is in the soil to human nature. In particular, organic agriculture is intended to produce high-quality and nutritious foods that support the maintenance of health and well-being.

Given this, it should avoid the use of fertilizers, pesticides, medicines for animals and food additives that can affect the health harm.

B. Ecology

Organic Agriculture should be based on ecological systems and cycles of life. Work, emulate and strive to protect ecological systems and cycles of life.
organic farm
Organic agriculture systems running in harmony with the ecological system of life . It states that production is based on ecological processes and recycling.

Food and ecological well-being obtained through a specific production environment ; for example , plants need fertile soil , the ecosystem requires farm animals , fish and marine organisms need water environment . Agriculture, animal husbandry and harvesting organic wild products must be in accordance with the cycles and ecological balance in nature .

These cycles are universal but in specific local operation. Organic management must be adapted to the conditions, ecology, culture and local scale. The ingredients intake should be reduced by reuse, recycling and the management of materials and energy efficiently in order to maintain, improve quality and protect natural resources.

Organic agriculture can achieve ecological balance through a pattern of farming systems, habitat development, maintenance of genetic diversity and agriculture. Those who produce, process, or consume organic products should protect and benefit the common environment, including soil, biodiversity, climate, habitats, water and air.

C. Justice

Organic Agriculture should build relationships that ensure fairness related to the environment and life opportunities together.
symbiotic mutualism
Justice characterized by equality, mutual respect, justice and collective management of the world, both among people and in relation to other living beings. This thing means that those involved in organic agriculture should build human relationships to ensure fairness to all parties at all levels.

Organic agriculture should provide a good quality of life for everyone involved, contribute to food sovereignty and reduction of poverty. Organic farming aims to produce the adequacy and availability of food or other products with good quality.

This principle insists that animals should be kept in suitable habitat conditions and the physical properties, natural and well-being.

Natural resources and the environment are used for production and consumption should be managed in a fair way that is socially and ecologically, and preserved for the next generations. It is requires open and fair systems of production, distribution and trade, also consider the social and environmental costs are real.

D. Protection

Organic Agriculture should be managed carefully and responsibly to protect the health and welfare of current and future generations and the environment.

Organic agriculture is a living and dynamic system that answers the demands and conditions that are internal and external. The actors are encouraged organic farming improve efficiency and productivity, but should not endanger the health and well-being.

Therefore, new technologies and methods that already exist need to be assessed and reviewed. Thus, there must be redress for understanding agricultural ecosystems and intact.

This states that precaution and responsibility are the key concerns in management and development of technology that choices in organic agriculture. Scientific knowledge necessary to ensure that organic agriculture is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. However, scientific knowledge alone is not enough.

Over time, practical experience combined with traditional knowledge into policy and appropriate solution. Organic agriculture should prevent significant risks by applying appropriate technologies and rejecting unpredictable technological consequences, such as genetic engineering. All decisions must consider the values ​​and needs of all who might be affected, through transparent and anticipatory processes.

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