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Getting Energy for a Lower Rate

I was curious about Reliant Energy rates because of my neighbor. We usually talk a few mornings every week when we see each other outside, and last week he was telling me about his energy company. This might seem odd to some, but he can make anything sound fascinating, including an energy company! What he told me was really interesting though, because I had no idea that they were one of the first energy company’s in Houston’s history. He told me some of the stories that his grandfather had told him of the times before there was power readily available, and it just piqued my interest. Continue reading Getting Energy for a Lower Rate

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Avoiding Disasters with Backup Hosting

In today’s society it seems that data is becoming more and more valuable with each passing year and each new technology. Whether the data contains something more tangible like research data or something harder to value like photographic records or personal videos, it is often impossible to replace this data which makes it truly invaluable. An entire company may rely on the data to continue functioning and a family’s only memories of a loved one may exist on a hard drive somewhere, so using backup hosting to make sure that it is never lost should be a no brainer.

Unfortunately many people overlook this fact, as we often take technology for granted. While data may not deteriorate quickly over time like led from a pencil or old Polaroid pictures, sometimes all it takes is one accident to destroy countless terabytes of data in an instant. This can happen during more obvious disasters like floods and fires or in more subtle situations such as hardware and software malfunctions, but the bottom line is that we cannot always anticipate what will happen in the future. Continue reading Avoiding Disasters with Backup Hosting

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Keeping Ourselves Safe in Colorado

Considering that much of my business is done from home, I have to take a lot of extra steps to ensure that it is a safe place for myself and my clients. I have been working from home for several years now, and now that the legalization of Marijuana is finally passed here in Colorado, I have been forced to keep a large amount of cash in my home safe. Unfortunately for many of my fellow growers, they have suffered break ins. That’s why I chose adt home security to give me the sense of security and safety that I felt was lacking. A friend of mine who has been growing for a few months came into their shop just the other day to find that the entire place had been ransacked. Continue reading Keeping Ourselves Safe in Colorado

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Started My New Strength Workout

I have started to work out a lot more seriously this summer and I going to think seriously about getting in to some half triathlons if I can find the time. At the moment I have been checking out these Shakeology reviews – inside look and trying to see if that is a good idea or not. Of course the idea is that you replace your meals with a high energy shake and if you could stomach it, then it is supposed to help fuel your work out. The idea is not that easy to build up your strength if you have the right fuel to burn in the process. If you consume all of the right stuff that is going to help you build up muscle and that is where I am going to try to move forward. Mostly I have been focused on the cardio up until now, but I have started to work on some serious strength training. Continue reading Started My New Strength Workout

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Is on Power Company Better Than Another

I got transferred to the Fort Worth Office and I have been staying at one of those extended stay hotels while I look for a permanent residence. I did not know what to think when I figured out that I needed to pick a power company. I can go to this web page,, and they will tell you which power companies you get to pick from if you input your location. Of course I have no clue what any of that means. I have lived in several places in North Carolina. There you get Duke Power. It is the same in Chapel Hill or in High Point. There are some areas where you can get Carolina Power and Light, but they have a monopoly in those areas the same as Duke Power has a monopoly in most other parts of the state. Continue reading Is on Power Company Better Than Another

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Only a Few Hours of Power

I lost my cable for laptop charging at the airport. While packing for a trip, I packed my laptop and the charger in separate bags by accident. The bag with the charger went missing after I landed and I only had a few hours of battery power left. As soon as I got home, I searched for a new charger and bought the cheapest one I could find. The charger that manufacturer sells is pretty pricey. I got a better deal with a charger that can work on multiple ports, which could come in handy in the future.

Over the next couple of days, I only used my laptop for short periods of time to check my email and do some light browsing so I wouldn’t run out of battery power. Resisting the urge to play a few games online was hard, but it was necessary. Once my charger came, I turned my laptop back on and let it run the rest of the day. There were so many videos that I hadn’t watched because I was conserving battery power. Continue reading Only a Few Hours of Power

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A Treadmill to Get Us Back in Shape

My husband and I were in great shape when we first started dating. We got married about a year later, and life was good. Then, work got busier, we had three kids within four years, and we both started to gain weight. It was not enough to be concerned about as far as how we looked, but I was concerned about the health implications of being even 10 or 15 pounds overweight. I was looking over some healthy activity ideas when I came across a link that stated to come here for the best deals and information on treadmills.

I hadn’t even considered a treadmill up that point, but I really liked the idea of having one. The main problem with the ideas I had been looking at was time is definitely a factor with all of them, and that is something we just don’t have a lot of. I knew that we could commit to working out on a treadmill though. Continue reading A Treadmill to Get Us Back in Shape

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Started Working As a Tutor

I really needed to make some extra money and so I started to look for a job a couple of weeks ago. I eventually got a little work as a home tutor for a pair of high school students. This lady posted a notice on the bulletin board at school and I was the only person who answered it. Of course the pay is not awesome, but it is not any worse than my other options. I was looking for a job in the school library really. That is a pretty good job if you can get it, but all of the jobs go to people who are studying to be librarians. I was not even considered because I had not taken any of the classes. Of course the school has a lot of jobs in the cafeteria, but that was not anything I was very interested in. I wanted to try to get a job on campus, because that would obviously require less of my time. Continue reading Started Working As a Tutor

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Started Working at the Theater at School

I am not so sure that I am really interested in this as a career, but I have been helping out at school with the theater program. Of course there are all sorts of things to learn in this area, you can take drama courses and you can get a make up diploma I guess. I had a pretty simple objective at first. I figured out that nearly all of the hot girls in school wanted to be in the drama program. It is not like I am pure of heart in this thing, I want to meet girls and possibly go out with them. If you are lucky you might get further than that. Continue reading Started Working at the Theater at School

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