Getting Energy for a Lower Rate

I was curious about Reliant Energy rates because of my neighbor. We usually talk a few mornings every week when we see each other outside, and last week he was telling me about his energy company. This might seem odd to some, but he can make anything sound fascinating, including an energy company! What he told me was really interesting though, because I had no idea that they were one of the first energy company’s in Houston’s history. He told me some of the stories that his grandfather had told him of the times before there was power readily available, and it just piqued my interest.

I wanted to learn more about energy after talking with him, so I went online and found a site that has a little bit of information about all of the different companies that provide energy to my neck of the woods. While I was there, I decided to look at the rate plans for Reliant Energy because my neighbor was also paying a little less than me, and I knew that he was using a lot more energy than I was since he has a much bigger house.

Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop until I had found the absolute best deal. I was able to get a great rate for 12 months on one of their more popular plans for new customers. I knew that even after my one year of being a new customer was up, that I would still save money because the rates for existing customers was still lower than what I had been paying. I have always enjoyed talking with my neighbor and accepting things like tomatoes and corn from his garden, but it was really nice to get some advice from him that is going to save me money every month too!

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