Is on Power Company Better Than Another

I got transferred to the Fort Worth Office and I have been staying at one of those extended stay hotels while I look for a permanent residence. I did not know what to think when I figured out that I needed to pick a power company. I can go to this web page,, and they will tell you which power companies you get to pick from if you input your location. Of course I have no clue what any of that means. I have lived in several places in North Carolina. There you get Duke Power. It is the same in Chapel Hill or in High Point. There are some areas where you can get Carolina Power and Light, but they have a monopoly in those areas the same as Duke Power has a monopoly in most other parts of the state. It is the way it is, if you want to have electric power you have no one else to deal with. If the power goes off you dial 1 800 Power On and Duke Power answers the phone.

I really am not sure how you judge the difference between one power company and the other. There are three to choose between in most areas around here. They are nothing except names to me. I have heard of Reliant Energy because they used to be the sponsor of the stadium in which the Houston Texans NFl team plays. If not for that I would have no more idea who they are than the others. Their names literally mean nothing to me. It would be nice for them to give you a really good deal on the rates, but it is likely that one is going to charge you something very similar to what the others will charge you.

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