Keeping Ourselves Safe in Colorado

Considering that much of my business is done from home, I have to take a lot of extra steps to ensure that it is a safe place for myself and my clients. I have been working from home for several years now, and now that the legalization of Marijuana is finally passed here in Colorado, I have been forced to keep a large amount of cash in my home safe. Unfortunately for many of my fellow growers, they have suffered break ins. That’s why I chose adt home security to give me the sense of security and safety that I felt was lacking. A friend of mine who has been growing for a few months came into their shop just the other day to find that the entire place had been ransacked. From plants to cash, things had been taken from them without mercy or shame by these criminals who have begun targeting us growers.

It’s all thanks to the banks not taking our money – at least they refused until recently. With federal law still being against Marijuana, they are doing everything that they can to hinder the business practices here in Colorado. Yet, thankfully, they have eased up enough so that we are able to put some of our money into the banks instead of having it lying around where anyone can come in and get it. A lot of my fellow growers have been forced to get armed escorts, carting their money around into various safes in secure locations. This is not how it should be and we have to do something about these criminals who are wanting to prey on us. We are becoming an important business here in Colorado and we deserve the same amount of protection as everyone else does, and not have policy used against us.

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