Only a Few Hours of Power

I lost my cable for laptop charging at the airport. While packing for a trip, I packed my laptop and the charger in separate bags by accident. The bag with the charger went missing after I landed and I only had a few hours of battery power left. As soon as I got home, I searched for a new charger and bought the cheapest one I could find. The charger that manufacturer sells is pretty pricey. I got a better deal with a charger that can work on multiple ports, which could come in handy in the future.

Over the next couple of days, I only used my laptop for short periods of time to check my email and do some light browsing so I wouldn’t run out of battery power. Resisting the urge to play a few games online was hard, but it was necessary. Once my charger came, I turned my laptop back on and let it run the rest of the day. There were so many videos that I hadn’t watched because I was conserving battery power. The friends who I usually play video games with were wondering what happened to me and I told them about my charger. They do most of their gaming on a desktop, so they mocked me.

Weeks after I lost my charger at the airport, I would have to take another trip, so I decided to plan ahead. Rather than taking my charger and risking it being lost again, I decided to order a separate charger for travel purposes only. That way, I could keep one charger at home, and take the other one with me. If the travel charger became lost, I would still have one at home and wouldn’t have to wait for another one to arrive in the mail.

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