Started Working As a Tutor

I really needed to make some extra money and so I started to look for a job a couple of weeks ago. I eventually got a little work as a home tutor for a pair of high school students. This lady posted a notice on the bulletin board at school and I was the only person who answered it. Of course the pay is not awesome, but it is not any worse than my other options. I was looking for a job in the school library really. That is a pretty good job if you can get it, but all of the jobs go to people who are studying to be librarians. I was not even considered because I had not taken any of the classes. Of course the school has a lot of jobs in the cafeteria, but that was not anything I was very interested in. I wanted to try to get a job on campus, because that would obviously require less of my time. This is not too bad, I walk about a block from the bus stop to get to this house and the kids are mostly pretty cooperative. Some times they do not get along with each other. The usual college student jobs were out there, wrangling shopping carts at the local grocery stores and working at fast food restaurants. I did those jobs when I was in high school and like most people I did not like them much. I worked at a grocery store which had an enormous parking lot, probably around five acres as it was in a big shopping center. It was a real pain to go out there when it was really hot and round up the grocery carts. It was good exercise I suppose, but I did not really need more of that.

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