Started Working at the Theater at School

I am not so sure that I am really interested in this as a career, but I have been helping out at school with the theater program. Of course there are all sorts of things to learn in this area, you can take drama courses and you can get a make up diploma I guess. I had a pretty simple objective at first. I figured out that nearly all of the hot girls in school wanted to be in the drama program. It is not like I am pure of heart in this thing, I want to meet girls and possibly go out with them. If you are lucky you might get further than that. Of course I am thinking of it as a gradual process. You get to know them, they get to know you. You obviously start out in the friend zone. If you end up stuck there, well that sucks. If you are lucky they might want to get to know you better.

At least that is the plan. So far I am doing quite well at the first stage. I have met all of these girls and they all know my name. So far none of them hate me and I have been playing it as best as I am able. Of course they realize that I like girls, but I am not mashing on them like a lot of guys do. For one thing it seems to me that is not ever going to work. At least the only time it is going to work is if you are hitting on drunk girl who are going to be less inhibited. Obviously these girls are going to be sober and they are going to be making rational choices based on something better than a pick up line.

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