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Water Conservation

water conservationWater conservation, this is something that should be done from now on and also the easiest step because it does not require sophisticated technology remarkable. It is very urgent to do given the great need of water for life.

Keep in mind that the supply of fresh water is not more than 2 % of the total water on earth. The remaining 97 % is salt water found in oceans and seas.

From the estimated 3% of the amount of fresh water, only 1 % is available for drinking water, while 2 % are in frozen form. While the human body, about 70 % -80 % is a liquid. Without food, a person can survive about a month, but without water a person can survive only about 5 to 7 days.

What has been presented above are some of the reasons why water conservation becomes an urgent need. Water conservation is beneficial decrease in all forms of water use. Not just close the faucet or shower meetings once a week ( we can be sure that your body becomes itchy so ).

Water conservation has a very broad scope and applied in all areas. It also means changing the mindset of people about how to use water efficiently. Provide new directions in business, where water conservation becomes part of the basis for planning a business or company. And also leads to efficient water use practices, as well as the development of a useful innovation.

Water efficiency is one of the major issues in the conservation of water, which is an effort to use as little water as possible in meeting the needs of the functions, tasks, processes, and the outcomes that need to be achieved.

Water is also an important part in economic productivity. For the water conservation should be included in the master plan, starting from the beginning of the production process until the sewage treatment process. And is also necessary for the development and continuous innovation to obtain water efficiency and environmental sustainability.
water conservation
Water conservation should start now because this is a long-term solution to the crisis needs of water for life. To keep in mind the basic principles of the application of water conservation is to start from yourself, from now on, and do it consistently and simultaneously.

Humans remains to breed, do not be selfish, think also the fate of future generations. Water conservation will be one of the very valuable legacy for future generations to come.

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Making Water

Making water is something that is very much different from the ” collect water “. Water is a substance that can dwell in several forms, namely liquid form ( a basic form ), solid form (can be a chunk of ice ), and the form of vapor or gas ( joined in the airborne particles ).

To obtain the water it requires further processing stages, but much easier than making water. We could collect clean water by melt the ice blocks or how to obtain it through the condensation of air or water vapor.

Humans have a great importance to water, is something that will not be refuted. Indeed, most of the earth ‘s surface is covered by water, but does not mean that the human need for water could be fulfilled immediately.

Obtaining clean water is one thing, while to get a decent water for consumption is one other thing. With so much water that surrounds the earth, but only a small fraction viable for consumption, how ironic.

Humans continue to develop the technology to make it easier for their lives. With technology, humans were able to clone a highly complex life forms. If the human need for water that can be consumed such magnitude, while to get it so difficult, then why not try to make the water as needed.

As you well know, water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, a structure that looks very simple to be emulated. Making water is theoretically possible, but it will be one of a very risky process.

Simple as this picture, to make water we need hydrogen present that has flammable characteristics, and oxygen which characteristics support the combustion process. These atoms must be connected to each other and form a bond that is homogeneous , it is necessary for a sudden burst of energy and a water molecule would be formed.
making water
A water molecules will not be visible to the eye, the problem is, making the water that sustain a global population required of water molecules in very fantastic numbers. That’s mean a huge burst of energy needed in a controlled and repetitive process, it is not easy and very vulnerable .

This may be said as a bad luck or a curse, or perhaps more accurate to say, it’s something that technology can not reach, at least for now. Making water become an improper choice, moreover, there is an easier way to do, namely to collect water and conservation.

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